EZYLIFT - Mobile Hoists and Jacks - designed and manufactured in Australia to provide maximum double safety and lifting capacity.
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Welcome to Ezylift

Specialist in Remote Controlled mobile hoists, Truck Hoists, Bus Hoists,
mobile hydraulic hoists and heavy lifting equipment.

We have been in the Mobile hoist market for over 30 years and it is our policy to bring you the best equipment at the most competitive price. Ezylift has :- Passion for Customers, Commitment to Performance, Itegrity and Consistency.
Ezylift - mobile hydraulic hoists - truck hoist, bus hoist, heavy duty lifting equipment
The Ezy Lift mobile hoist and mobile hydraulic hoist systems are designed and built in Australia for the most rigorous conditions. The design has evolved from the first screw-type in the early 1970's to the chain hoists in the early 1980's and now to a system that is the "ultimate heavy lifting system".

Our mobile hydraulic modular lifting system eliminates most moving and wearing parts, making it safer, lighter, more manoeuverable and more operator friendly than previous models.

We offer the latest proven technology, not be confused with our old superseded chain design, marketed by our competitors -
save up to 45% when you buy direct from us.
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Award Winning
Did you know ?
that our hydraulic system is far more advanced than any other imported hydraulic hoist, which is driven up and free falling down. EZY-LIFT is driven up and driven down. The advantage is that you have full control.

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